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Then you're in the right place with our ROOFTOP TENT GUIDE! Because you're not alone!

We know from Experience: all beginnings are difficult – even with Rooftop Tents. So many Offers, so many Types, many different Variants, Hard Shell or rather a Folding Rooftop tent? And what about the permissible Rooftop load in the First place – will my Car stand the weight?

Don't Worry, that's how everyone feels when dealing with the topic of Rooftop Tents for the first Time. Although it has become more popular recently, sleeping on the Car Rooftop is not the most common camping variant. It makes you feel like you are the first to deal with it.

Basically, there is not the ONE turnkey Variant. No matter how you look at it, Camping on the Rooftop looks different for everyone and there are more than a thousand different Solutions. In any Case, a little Preparatory work is needed in order to find the right Equipment and the right Tent for yourself.

There's good News!

Here you will find Answers to (almost) all your Rooftop tent questions. We give you a few Tools so that you can quickly get an Overview and find just the right Rooftop tent for you. The Content on our Website is constantly being developed – so it is worth checking in from time to time.

What is a Rooftop tent?

A Tent on the roof of a Car? That works? Of course! And not just since yesterday. Rooftop Tents are existing for over 50 Years. But what exactly is that? Definition.

The most important Questions

How heavy is a Rooftop tent? How do I get it on the Car? How fast can I drive with a Rooftop tent? Can I heat a Rooftop Tent? Where can I stand with a Rooftop tent? Are Rooftop Tents waterproof? You get all the Answers and much more in our Rooftop Tent FAQ.

Which Rooftop tent Manufacturers and Brands are available?

In order to give you a better Overview, we have put together all the Rooftop Tent brands and manufacturers available on the German Market. Once you have a Tendency towards a Folding Roof or Hard Shell tent, then you can be inspired here. You'll be surprised how diverse the Market actually is.

Why camping with a Rooftop Tent?

Yes, why? Is there actually a good Reason to lie down on your Car Rooftop and Sleep? -Yes, of course! And best of all: There's not just one. There are for sure 1000 good Reasons. We've picked out 13 wonderful Reasons for you.

The first fundamental Decision

The first Decision when Choosing a Rooftop Tent is usually: Folding Tent or Hard shell? Hard to say if you don't have an overview at all … What exactly pro and cons of hard shell and folding tents? We have prepared an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the two tent variants for you:

Is that even possible on my car?

Can a rooftop tent be mounted on any car? Also on yours? Here are all the answers to whether a rooftop tent is also on your car:

What about the roof load?

One of the most common topics for newcomers to the topic of rooftop tents is the question of the roof load. How much can my car carry on the roof? If you want to know exactly, you will find an indication of the permissible roof load in the manual of your car. However, this is usually less than the weight of the rooftop tent with people in it. How then can this work? Answers can be found in this article:

The lightest rooftop tents

What does a rooftop tent actually weigh? How could it be otherwise: this varies from roof tent to roof tent. The lightest rooftop tents can be found here:

Just ask questions!

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