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You have many Questions?

No Problem, we'll help you! Here you can find all the answers to ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019!

We have arranged the questions for you under the following categories:

– General Questions

– Tickets

– Check-In and Check-Out

– Food and Payment

– Program and Activities

– Utilities on Site

General Questions

Yes, there will be all the products on site, which are also available in the shop. Here you find the shop.

Rain is rain and it does not stop us from doing everything as if the sun were to shine. Maybe with an extra rainy smile. If it has been raining for a long time, the meadow may become very damp. Please dress accordingly. If cars are stuck in the meadow, we pull them out together – this is going to be the smallest problem.

There won't be snow, we promise! In the event of thunderstorms and storms, everyone has to decide for themselves what they are doing. Actually, it's no different than when we were out in nature. From experience we know that wind is not harmful, up to a certain wind force. Bring spit ropes and tent pegs.

Of course! Everyone interested in the topic of rooftop tents is welcome. There are several options: If you don't have a rooftop tent, you can sleep in the car or in a regular tent. You can also come with your previous camping setup. But to get the best rooftop tent feeling, how about this:

Just rent a rooftop tent. On the German plattform ebay Kleinanzeigen there is a range of offers or you just ask us In the Rooftop tent nomad group on Facebook. All rooftop tents can be installed on any car with a matching cross rack. We may also offer a rental option especially for rooftop tent nomads coming to the festival.

You can find more information in our group.

At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL WE will offer various rooftop tents for rent. Maybe even tents floating on the water … If you are interested, sign up by e-mail to:

You can get a refund for the event up until 7 days before. Here you can get your ticket.

We are not authorized to make out donation receipts. However, we will find a solution for considerable amounts for sure. Feel free to send an email about his to:


Sure, that's also possible as long as tickets are still in stock!

There will be day-tickets on site! You're more than welcome without staying overnight! This option is only available on site and not online in advance!

Sure, you can stay one night only. Just buy the corresponding ticket for 2 days and 1 night.

All tickets are valid until Sunday. For the days before there will be day tickets which can be extended to an overnight stay. You need to ask on site, because this will be upon request.

With a ticket you receive a bracelet. The name on the ticket is not relevant. With a ticket you can only check in once.

No. It's possible, that more than one ticket is booked on the same name. You can get 1 bracelet per ticket.

A Ticket for one night is valid e.g. from 10 AM Saturday until 6 PM Sunday. A ticket for two nights is valid e.g. from 10 AM Friday until 6 PM Sunday. A ticket for three nights is valid from 12 MD Thursday until 6 PM Sunday. Your time of arrival is essential for the price calculation. Meaning, when you arrive Saturday at 4 AM, you would pay for two nights, when you arrive at 1 PM on Saturday, you pay for one night only. Makes sense?

Yes! As long as you can show your Paypal or credit card charge AND give us your name, there is no problem admitting you to the FESTIVAL.

You can get tickets for the Offroad-Terrein Langenaltheim at the office of the Offroad-Park. Here you can find info about pricing.

Yes for sure! You can buy a ticket spontaneously at the cashier on site to visit the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019. Tickets are available for so long the stock lasts!

CHECK-In and Check-Out

The access road on the bathing peninsula is possible from one side only. There you will find the check-in, too. You'll be welcomed, receive your bracelet and your sticker for the car. Please have your ticket ready (printed or on your smartphone).

You can come whenever you want to. The check-in counter is open most of the time. If you find the counter empty, there will be a written note about where you can park and camp. Please come again the next day to check-in. Then you also get your ribbon and the sticker for the car that shows us that you are registered.

Officially the event will be finished by 6 PM on Sunday. Everyone leaves the place – and now wait for it – in doubt, even cleaner than how you found it! This means, we do it like in nature. We don't leave anything behind and even take the trash which is not ours but doesn't belong there. Deal?

Food and Payment

If you don't feel like cooking, have others cook for you. For the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 we will have a wonderful selection of food trucks and we will organize some food initiatives, too. If you want to get some inspiration, take a look at the offer from 2018!

Barbecues are allowed on official fire pits. It is very important that the lawn is not damaged.

We will try to find a solution to offer debit card payment. but we cannot guarantee this. Please take enough cash just in case, because you'll need to pay cash for all leisure activities and food trucks, too.

The food trucks will have a selection of drinks for sale. We would appreciate if you take your own cup or mug to reduce trash.

Program und Activities

On Friday and Saturday there will be a diverse workshop, training- and lecture program. We will have really cool speakers and trainers for you. Here you can find the program from 2018.

The ‘Offroadpark Langenaltheim' is a 30 minute drive away from the festival location and will be available for usage. You can go there on your own or in groups, register on site and let off steam at your heart's content. You find information about pricing on thewebsite of ‘Offroadpark Langenaltheim'.

That's not a problem. The wakeboard installation will be at our disposal on the festival weekend. For registration and questions around the wakeboard installation please contact Wagenpark Brombachsee directly.

The tombola raffle will take place on Saturday at 5 PM at the main stage on the tent meadow ‘Zeltwiese Absberg'. Afterwards, we will take a group picture and will start the evening together with a big Rooftop Tent Nomad meal.

Utilities on Site.

Next to commonly known emergency numbers 110 and 112 you can approach every team member. We are all connected with walky-talkies.

Of course! We will provide a pdf download with a map and all program details right before the festival. In that way you won't miss any exciting lecture or workshop. In addition, we will place maps on the entire grounds and upon request you will receive one at the entrance, too.

There will be enough toilets and warm showers on site in marked sanitary facilities. If we could be a bit more flexible instead of all running to the shower at 7 AM, it can be the turn for everyone. The use of the shower costs one euro, so please take coins with you. Disabled sanitary facilities are also on site.

Sure, dogs are allowed without any extra cost . Please respect others without dogs who may be afraid or feel bothered. Please make sure there will be no leftovers from the dog. The only place where no animals are allowed is the rental rooftop tents.

There is no official night's rest on the camping site. We respect one another and those who need more quiet camp a bit offside. Please talk to each other if you feel bothered by your neighbors. If you cannot solve it on your own you can contact the event organizers.

We are open to (almost) any complaints and criticism. You can approach anyone from the organizer-team to give feedback. We'll try to find a solution.

There are fire pits where fire can be made. A fire without a fire shell directly on the ground is not allowed. A fire bowl in one's own place is permitted, but only in the case where one is able to extinguish the fire, in an emergency, independently and immediately, with the help of one's own fire extinguisher or similar. Anyone who ignites their own fire is responsible for their own safety.

There will be a Rooftop Tent Nomad info stand where you will find answers to all your questions. Also, you can get info at the entrance.

There is WIFI on the bathing peninsula Absberg. Vouchers can be purchased from the campsite operator directly. Reception with D1 and D2 network is very good, E-network respectively O2 however is very weak unfortunately.

Yes, there is an option to connect with power supply. However there is limited capacity. Please try to prepare yourself to be as self-sufficient as possible and not to use electricity excessively. Those with a need for power supply for medical reasons are treated with priority. Be prepared that the fuse may blow. Not every place will be designed with electricity, there will be areas without electricity.

We dispose of 220 volt sockets, but they are not installed all over the place. If you really need power supply you should go to the designated areas. There will be high voltage too, which is reserved for the food trucks and exhibitors as well as big installations for the stage, lecture tents and workshop areas.

No. These devices are heavily contributing to noise pollution.

Absolutely! Also use the hashtag #DZF19 so we can go over all pictures after the festival and share the best ones on Instagram and Facebook. We would be happy to receive your pictures from the FESTIVAL via to!

You find all workshops and lectures as well as the trading area on top of the bathing peninsula all around the tent meadow Zeltwiese Absberg!

There is no need to sign up for most of the workshops and lectures. Please note: Who comes first, can secure the best seats. There is no guarantee for it. For some of the workshops you need certain equipment which can be purchased for a small contribution to expenses. More information about that soon.

Of course! With a day ticket which can be bought at the cashier on site entrance to all workshops and lectures is included.

No! There is free choice of spots on the entire camping area. First come, first serve. Spots that were reserved for additional vehicles may need to be released if needed.

Officially, this is not permitted. However, for the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 we got a special permission. This was agreed with the camping site operator and you don't need to worry about it.

Motorised watersports devices are not permitted on the small Lake Brombach. So feel free to bring your rubber boat, canoe or your inflatable duck.

Around the island leads a paved path, which can be easily navigated, a difficulty will certainly represent the meadow or the beach, but there will certainly be a lot of helpful rooftop tent nomads, so that even this should not be a problem.

Do you have other questions?

Your question was not answered? Then feel free to contact us on Facebook or post your question in our Rooftop Tent Nomad Facebook group.

You are looking for an adventure?

You want to be there when more than 2.000 Rooftop Tent Nomads gather at the 3rd and up until now biggest ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019? Then join us, get moving, be inspired, let yourself be carried away. This is going to be the biggest ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL, ever!

Picture: Thorsten Kuttig