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The ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 is going to be awesome!

After months of searching, many conversations and intensive negotiations, the date and location for the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 has finally been set! We celebrate the
on May 16-19, 2019
at the tent meadow Zeltwiese Absberg
at Lake Brombachsee close to Nürnberg


From now on there are tickets for the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 available!
Here you can get your DZF19 Ticket:


Anyone can come-with or without a Rooftop tent!


Huge camp area for cars + rooftop tents

We have almost the entire bathing peninsula including the tent meadowZeltwiese Absberg for us. Several hectares of camp area spread over different surfaces. All pitches areeasily accessible on asphalt, gravel or lawn lattice stones and meadow. There are even pitches with lake view, sunrise and sunset included.

Nature but still with Infrastructure

The bathing peninsula of lake Brombachsee is bordered by a Nature Reserve but is still very well developed. Sanitary facilities with toilets, warm showers (1 euro) and drinking water are provided. There are even pitches with separate electricity (50 cents/kWh).


This year we once again have exciting workshops on the topics of rooftop tent, self-sufficiency, outdoor life and off-road driving. At all workshops you can not only watch and take a bunch of inspirations and ideas with you, but you can also create with your own hands!

Have you ever thought about building a rooftop tent yourself? How about a battery box for self-sufficient power? Are you too cold in winter? Then learn how to build a stand heating box. Look around!

That's not all! This year we are also offering workshops on various livestyle topics. How about a herbalism, a dog workshop, yoga, meditation or a round on the Brombach lake with SUP boards? This and much more we offer you this year: Take a look!


This year we have wonderful speakers at the start again! People who have left their comfort zone and embarked on adventurous journeys. Hippie Trail, THE SUNNYSIDE, Reiss Aus: get inspired, get carried away and grab by wanderlust! We will once again offer you a colourful lecture program in 2019. Look what lectures await you!

Dealer mile

Almost 30 manufacturers and retailers of roof tents and outdoor accessories are waiting for youat the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019. Here you find an overview of exhibitors at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL. If you want to become an exhibitor on the DZF19 (ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 19) yourself, secure a spot and get in touch with us directly.

Music & More

We are also planning a wonderfully varied music program in 2019. These artists performed in 2018. Joe Löhrmann with his My Travelling Piano, who has been with us for the last two festivals already, is back with a very special program. If you want to be there as an artist yourself, get in touch with us!

Food & Drinks

A wide selection of food trucks with delicious food is planned. If you don't want to cook yourself, then you will certainly find what you are looking for here. It was that delicious this year at THE ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL. If you run a food truck yourself and want to support us in culinary terms, get in touch with us!

The great Rooftop Tent Nomad Feast

One of many fundraisers at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL. On Saturday evening we will continue the tradition of the ROOFTOP TENT WINTER CAMP and host a large joint Rooftop tent nomad feast on Saturday evening around the campfire. Rooftop tent nomad chefs will volunteer to conjure up various dishes for which you can buy a ticket. The proceeds go completely into the donation pot minus the material costs. Take a look at what's delicious to eat!


A sandy beach runs almost completely around the bathing peninsula. Part of it is enclosed in the forest area or designed to be open (at the wakeboard complex). There we can chill to our heart's content, bathe and enjoy the sunset.

Water sports

The bathing peninsula offers a lot of water sports. Sailboats, rowing boats, pedal boats and canoes as well as SUPs, everything your heart desires can be borrowed there. In time for The ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL, even the brand new wakeboard system of the wakeboard park Brombachsee will be completed. An absolute paradise for water sports fans!

Off-road Terrain

The Langenaltheim Offroadpark is located 30 minutes from the festival location. We were already able to test it AT THE ROOFTOP TENT CAMP Altmühltal. Here are some pictures of the Off-road terrain In Langenaltheim.

Family Action

We are planning an entertaining children's program again. From makeup to stick bread and scavenger hunt to bonfire fairy tales: there will be lots of fun for the little ones. Take a look at the children's land of adventure 2018!

Rooftop Tent Rental

If you've always wanted to try a rooftop tent, then you have the opportunity to do so at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL. We will build crazy rooftop tent accommodation on the beach in the “Swedish Forest” and even on the water. There you can rent a rooftop tent and put it through its paces under real conditions. If you are interested, it is best to contact us now with a short e-mail. You can find all the information about it here!

Tree Tents

On the west side and top of the bathing peninsula stretches a small wooded area directly on the water. There will be the possibility to rent tree tents for overnight accommodation. The number of spots is limited. If you're interested take a look here!

Floating rooftop tent rafts

This will be an absolute novelty: we plan to install floating rooftop tent rafts on Lake Brombach. For this purpose, rooftop tents are installed and rented either on boats or on rafts. If you feel like staying on the water while testing rooftop tents, check this out !Who comes first serves first.

Common good

A huge sum of more than 8.000 euros was collected altogether at the last ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL by the Tombola FOR the Children's Hospice of Central Germany. Here you will find an overview of all donations made by the rooftop tent nomads. There will be another fundraiser in 2019!


Still have Questions?

Answers to the most important questions can be found in the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL FAQ. If your question is not answered in the FAQ, then you can still write an e-mail.


Almost the entire bathing peninsula of Lake Brombach is available to us for the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019. It is divided into different camp and other areas, which are connected by access routes.

The access road is located to the west of the road ‘Angerhof'. In the middle of the peninsula there are the regular pitches with electricity supply. At the top of the bathing peninsula is the tent meadow Zeltwiese Absberg, where our central camp with campfires, all workshops & lectures as well as the music and the children's program will take place. The trading area Is also located there.

Fancy a bird's eye view 3D tour? Take a look and click through to the “Little Brombach Lake.”

Be part of this!

All further Information about the program of the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 will be available here soon. Here you can get your DZF19 Ticket:

Can't wait?

Then simply revel in memories: check out the report about the world's first Rooftop Tent Nomad meeting or ABOUT THE ROOFTOP TENT CAMP Altmühltal. Caution: High Addiction Potential ?

Become a Rooftop tent nomad!

If you're not a member of our Facebook group yet, join our community!

In our group everything revolves around the topic of rooftop tents: we have the accumulated knowledge on topics such as installation, roof load and repair, you learn tricks for the right care and storage, but also pitch tips, travel reports and a lot of pictures and videos that leave you wanting more. Come along! We will be happy to welcome you!

Here you can find the ROOFTOP TENT NOMADS.

See you soon!

At the latest at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 on May 16 to 19, 2019!

Greetings from the Rooftop,
Your Rooftop tent nomads

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