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The first international ROOFTOP TENT EVENT!

All you lovely people, here we go again!

Finally we have received the confirmation from the authorities for the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP site, and in October we can welcome up to 500 rooftop tent nomads on a beautiful lake, the Zuidlaardermeer:

And go!
near Groningen, Zuidlaardermeer, Holland
from 17-20 October 2019

Where could the first international ROOFTOP TENT CAMP be better thanin the Netherlandswith our camping-loving neighbours! We are so happy to have received the confirmation for this wonderful terrain directly on the Zuidlaardermeer!

Are you there when we meet abroad for the first time?

There are 4 days and 3 nights of camping, barbecue and chilling together, water sports, clean ups and some other exciting activities waiting for you in Holland!


The first ROOFTOP TENT EVENT outside of Germany – this will surely be a very special experience – a ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL! Enjoying Dutch flair with old friends and new rooftop tent nomads from the neighbouring country by the campfire sounds good? Then take a look at this:

Location: Midlaren at the Zuidlaardermeer

The Zuidlaardermeer, also Wolf barge sea is an idyllic lake north of Zuidlaren in the Netherlands. It is largely left natural, hardly developed for tourism, offers plenty of green space near the shore and is home to isolated romantically anchored houseboats.

With the exception of the gutters, the lake is mostly shallow (about 1 meter deep). It is very popular with sailors and water sports enthusiasts because of the marinas, also there is a recreation beach on the lake.

We will pitch our ROOFTOP TENT CAMP directly on the water, in the immediate vicinity of the village of Midlaren. The village streets stretching through the fields are hardly used and promise a quiet and idyllic weekend.

How about: being awakened in the morning by the countless bird colonies that are at home in the reeds and meadows and enjoying the sunset over the Zuidlaardermeer by campfires in the evening together with other rooftop tent nomads. Well, do you feel the vibes?!

If you want to have a look around, you can do so here:

Take me to Google Maps!


What if, in addition to camping and campfires, we launched some cool actions that are sustainable and add value?

Rooftop tent nomads meal

Since the ROOFTOPT TENT WINTER CAMP it is an integral part of every of our events: Rooftop tent nomads cook for rooftop tent nomads.

On Saturday evening we all meet at the central campfire for dinner together. For €7,- you can buy a meal ticket from our team in advance and feast to your heart's content.

Do you want to participate? Do you like to cook or roast? Do you like to do good? Do you like to eat more than one person? Then join the rooftop tent nomads to have a meal! Be one of the rooftop tent nomads chefs! Whether cheese fondue, layered meat, soup or crepes – any idea is welcome. Contact us if you feel like being a rooftop tent nomad chef at the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL.

The best: The total profit of the rooftop tent nomad meal goes to 100% in the donationpot.

You don't need to be a professional. The pleasure and the fun counts! All expenses for the necessary purchases you get reimbursed for!

Clean Up Action

How about not only spending a leisurely weekend, having fun and talking to other rooftop tent nomads, enjoying nature, but also doing something for the general public? How about giving something backto nature and the community?

True to our motto: “Leave the place cleaner than you found it” we want to launch a clean-up campaign.

It shouldn't be like that, but even on such an idyllic lake there is always rubbish that no one feels responsible for. What if we were to swarm out together this weekend to take some responsibility? If we make the world a little bit better?

Bathing fun in the hot tub

Somehow, a hot tub at the ROOFTOP TENT EVENTS is already a tradition, isn't it?

Falko & Steffi will also bring their hot tub to the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL and make it available for the entire weekend. So no matter what the weather, we recommend: pack the swimming trunks, take your little sister and then sit in the hot tub ;-).

Everything on the water – water sports

A ROOFTOP TENT CAMP at a lake, what can't be missing? right! Water sports!

At the sailing school on the Zuidlaardermeer you can rent kayaks, sailing vats and SUPs. Or how about a canoe trip on the lake into the sunset? As the crowning end of a beautiful day?

Of course, you can also bring your own water sports equipment, depending on what you have or what you can transport.

Do you still have ideas?

If you want to contribute something to the enrichment of the event,please contact us!

Food and drink

Basically, as always, Self-catering. – However, we will provide drinks and probably offer the possibility that you can try some local food.

We will tell you exactly what this looks like as soon as it is established. Let yourself be surprised and look over here from time to time!

Bread service at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL

In addition, we organize a Bread service. For this purpose, a pre-order list will be displayed at the registration. Please enter Friday and Saturday until 17:00 for the following day.

Important: We try to keep the waste as limited as possible in all offers. So it would be great if you bring your own dishes for everything. So bring plates, cutlery and your rooftop tent nomads cups!

Donations: We add value!

As with every event we try to get as much donation as possible for a non-profit organization at the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL.

The year is not over and we have already raised over 46,000 euros in donations. Want to know where the money has gone so far? Take a look around here!

Contact usif you have ideas on how we can raise more donations or you have an idea for an organization that we can support.


Whether with rooftop tent, camper, tent, van or bus. Everyone is welcome! There is room for about 300 vehicles on site.

Which ticket suits you?

You have the choice: We have three different camp tickets on offer: you can stay three nights, two nights or just one night. One ticket is for one person and one night.

Children under 15 years old have free entry!

What's included?

  • The spot for your vehicle (with car trailer)
  • large campfire
  • sanitary facilities
  • Shower (cold)
  • Possibility to participate in all promotions

Electricity stations are possible in medical emergencies.   Please contact us by the end of September at the latest.  

Ticket prices

2 days, 1 night: Saturday until Sunday
October 19-20, 2019

1 person, Saturday 10:00 AM until Sunday 06:00 PM

€20,-  –DZC TICKET

3 days, 2 nights: Friday until Sunday
October 18–20, 2019

1 person, Friday 10:00 AM until Sunday 06:00 PM


4 days, 3 nights: Thursday until Sunday
October 17–20, 2019

1 person, Thursday 12:00 MD until Sunday 06:00 PM


Early departure ticket

There will also be an early-departure ticket on site. If you only like to book the nights Fr-Sat, then you can solve this on site at the entrance. Please write to us concerning this a short e-mail in advance that we can reserve a ticket for you.

Here are the tickets!

Here you can secure your ticket. You can pay for it either via Paypal or by bank transfer (payment inbox for bank transfer mandatory until 10 October). You can claim a full refund of your ticket up to 7 days before the event.


The ticket prices are only valid for private participation in the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL. If you want to use the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL for your own business (advertising, sale), you are welcome to contact us.

Photos and videos are taken at the ROOFTOP TENT CAMP SPECIAAL. Please let us know at the check in counter if you don't want to appear on any image and video material.


Are you there when hundreds of rooftop tent nomads meet in Holland at the Zuidlaardermeer in October, chill out by the campfire and end the season together? As always: Everyone is welcome! With rooftop tent or without!

We will be happy to welcome you!

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