Exhibitors at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019

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The ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL trading area 2019

The ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL trading area is for everyone. Both rooftop tent camper professionals and those interested in rooftop tents will reach their full senses here.

Like last year we will provide a trading area where you can learn more about the variety of rooftop tent manufacturers and rooftop tent accessories.

We are happy to show here some of the brands represented at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019. We are in the in the middle of planning. So check in later to see what's coming on here soon.



The brand ABANICO has been launched to Germany 2012 and is constantly developing. In addition to various fan awnings, the range was expanded to include rooftop tents in 2014. The top priority for all products is to adapt to the northern European, changeable climate. The quality and waterproofing of the tent materials and seams used has been confirmed several times by neutral tests in German textile testing institutes.


Alu-Cab manufactures high quality aluminum vehicle bodies for off-road and adventurers. The 100 employees of Alu-Cab manufacture both hardtops in a series and tailor made fully equipped expedition and travel campers. All Alu-Cab products were constructed for heavy-duty service being suitable for industrial use, too. At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL Alu-Cab will be represented by the German importer Genesis Import.


Autohome is an Italian company with its headquarters located in Parma. With more than 30.000 sold rooftop tents they are market leaders worldwide in this field. Autohome offers 7 different rooftop tent types in more than 50 variants. The tents from Autohome were designed for adventurers and adapted to different and changing climates. At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2019 Autohome will be represented by Daktec.

Boeckels Offroad

At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL Boeckels Offroad is representing the brand Gordigear. Boeckels Offroad is a professional conversion and installation partner for technical accessories and equipment for your off-road vehicle, pick up truck, van, SuV and camper! Boeckels Offroad is offering a complete rang, tailor made & adapted for your use.



Rumeysa and Philipp from Campaz live and work according to the motto “nothing is impossible” and “there is a solution to every problem.” These are great prerequisites for good customer service! For the fundraiser as part of the Rooftop tent rental, the young company provides 10 staggering rooftop tents. This really shows what is possible.

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Campwerk is a manufacturer of tent trailers, which was founded in Bochum (Germany) in 2010. This company is specialized in the production of tent trailers and rooftop tents for road use. Campwerk is offering a rooftop tent (Adventure) in two different widths (1.65 m and 1.40 m). When it comes to tent trailers, trailer and tent can be bought separately from Campwerk. So it is possible to use the trailer for different purposes, both for travel and as a means of transport.



DAKTEC stands for 20 years of experience in selling vehicles and accessories as well as professional conversion and garage service when it comes to off-road vehicles. The retail of rooftop tents from the brands Autohome and Alucab add to the offer and high-profile technical service of the garage which rounds off the range of services. Daktec encompasses mobility, work, leisure and adventure.


Darche is an Australian Outdoor brand, which sets itself apart from discounter mentality on the rooftop tent market. Following the slogan “the poor man buys twice” Darche isn't making any compromises when it comes to quality and production processes. The company is located in Thomastown, Victoria and employs more than 320 workers on a on a factory space of 40,000m2. In Germany, Darche's rooftop tents can be purchased via XP-Edition.

Dare To Be Different Outdoor

Dare To Be Different Outdoor is a Dutch manufacturer of rooftop tents and accessories, which, true to the motto ‘ be different, try yourself something ‘ has incorporated his personal experiences into the production of the tents. In addition to various rooftop tents, Dare To Be Different Outdoor also has a lot of accessories in the range, ranging from indoor tents and sliding walls to awnings and the cooking box.


At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL Gordigear will be represented by Boekels Offroad. Gordigear is specialized in the production of rooftop tents, trailer tents, car awnings and accessories. From the beginning their aim was to design products which “persist under relentless climate conditions of the Australian continent”.


GPS GLOBE is a French GPS-manufacturer which offers a complete range of navigation products. GPS GLOBE has been developing detailed maps for more than 10 years and has even invented a new map technology called X-RAY, which makes it possible to read slopes easily. At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL amongst other products GPS GLOBE is presenting a new robust and waterproof 8 inch tablet with an integrated off-road and street navigation software.


The horntools GmbH, with headquarters in Dornbirn is a manufacturer of rope winches, off-road and pickup truck accessories. Founded in 994, nowadays horntools sells everything to the offroad-heart's content – also rooftop tents. Nine staff members are developing, constructing and testing prototypes in their own test-center.

Howling Moon

Howling Moon is a South African tent manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the production of textiles. The rooftop tents are used from all African safari providers as well as 4×4 rentals and selling in Africa, Europe and the USA. Howling Moon is exclusively using textiles produced in South Africa and all parts of the tent are completely manufactured on site. In Germany, the tents of Howling Moon are sold by the Swiss outdoor supplier XP-Edition.


iKamper is a Korean rooftop tent manufacturer. The organization which was founded in 2012 launched a Kickstarter Campaign in February 2017 aiming to finance the production of their 4th rooftop tent with $100,000. The campaign went viral and brought more than $ 2.3 million eventually. Sky4X is a hard shell tent for 4 persons and for sale on the German market since the end of 2017. At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL iKamper is represented by Campwerk.

James Baroud

James Baroud is a Portuguese manufacturer of car rooftop tents, awnings and accessories. About 20 years ago they started developing hard shell and folding tents. Their rooftop tents are tested on a regular basis on off-road tours and rallies and then further developed and optimized. At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL James Baroud is represented by the German importer Genesis Import.


KARAKOLES 4X4 CAR RENTAL is renting out cars with rooftop tents in Columbia since 2018. The German-Columbian team is helping their clients to create routes for an unforgettable and adventurous holiday trip. Experience the diversity of this incredibly beautiful South American country!


Kompanja is building more than a combination of camper van and everyday vehicle: the Kompanja van is the perfect companion through life for those who want to feel at home anywhere. Our camper vans are cozier than a caravan, more economical than a limousine and more functional than a station wagon. Thanks to the pop-top with the full outdoor charm of a tent and with a size that fits in every common parking spot.


Nakatanenga is a German 4×4-supploer with its headquarters in Neumarkt (Oberpfalz). The company delivers, developes and installs components for all-terrain vehicles of all kind. The Rooflodge rooftop tents from Nakatanenga are tailor made on the motto „Made in Germany“ in their own production.


Ocean-Cross is a German tent retailer which was founded 33 years ago with its headquarters in Osnabrück. Next to rooftop tents the company is also offering rear tents and side tents in their portfolio. They claim to be ‘the number 1 in Germany when it comes to variety of rooftop tents'. Ocean-Cross offers an after-sales service of a special kind: per express delivery they even serve customers abroad with spare parts.

rOdin Adventures

ROdin Adventures started vehicle conversions for forest and hunting in 2013, working with many rooftop tents from various manufacturers. In 2018, they switched to their own tent models in order to have an active product development in their own hands. The tents are distributed from Bochum.


Roofloft rooftop tents are hard shell folding tents that combine the advantages of both rooftop tent models. The distribution of the roof tents is done from Hamburg.



Prime-Tech has been a supplier of off-road, outdoor and camping products for more than 10 years. The car rooftop tents are available in many different variants and are becoming increasingly popular due to their good workmanship and the low acquisition costs.


Suomo-Tents is Camping-Adventure's own rooftop tent production, which will launch an innovative new folding rooftop tent in April 2018. The SUOMO rooftop tent is 100% handmade and is characterized by special features such as the “Double Skin” technology and the “Easy Close” system.


Teehoo Outdoors is the leading rooftop tent manufacturer in China and also produces trailer tents, air tents and awnings, among other things. Teehoo aims to develop innovative and cost-effective products. The flagship product of Teehoo are the comfortable hard shell tents.


VANlovers have 30 years of experience in motorhomes and are specialists in rooftop tents, awnings, camping accessories and vehicle conversions. At the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL, VANlovers represents the ABANICO brand, among others.

XP-edition GmbH

XP edition has been an importer of rooftop tents from South Africa for over 16 years. XP Edition will be represented at the ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL with the HOWLING Moon and Darche brands. It offers sizes ranging from 1.2 to 2.4m in width. There are models with skylights as well as a covered entrance and undertent. With XP Edition, shipping is from EU warehouses and is therefore fast and straightforward.


Xpresstent -Outdoor Living- is looking for the real outdoor heroes who like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Xpresstent offers clever solutions.

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