Rooftop Tent nomads fundraisers 2018

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Since the DACHZELT FESTIVAL 2018, donation has been an integral part of any event of the roof tent nomads: we collect and donate as often as possible for a good cause.

In 2018, the considerable amount of

11,167 Euro

is gathered! Most of the donations come from you – all the great Rooftop Tent nomads out there. You're just mad!

In this article we wat to create transparency and show you which donations have come together where and to what cause they have been donated.

Mach mit!

If you want, you can send us a donation at any time. We will increase the donation amount at the next event with your donation.

Receiver: Dachzeltnomaden
Account: IBAN DE611001 1001 2625 4041 11
Purpose: “Donation of charitable purpose”


The ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL 2018 was by far the most successful fundraiser of the year! It was really, really cool to see how many of you took part in it and what we got together as a donation amount:

5,485 Euro – for lot sales on site
2,035 Euro – for ticket sales online
331 Euro – from individual donations on site
776 Euro – for the creation of car wrapping( labels)
165 Euro – for individual T-shirt printing

I In total, there are a whopping 8,792 euros (in words: eight thousand seven hundred and ninety two euros) !!! ?flowed to the Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V.

DACHZELT CAMP Altmühltal 2018

Also at the ROOFTOPTENT CAMP Altmühltal in September 2018, we have declared that a part of the ticket revenues go to the donation pot. In addition, many small and larger donations from you have ended up in the donation pot:

130 Euro – Individual donations
915 Euro – Donations from ticket sales
262 Euro – Donation from Sportclub Übermatzhoven
313 Euro – additional donation from the ROOFTOPTENT NOMADS

On the CAMP, we decided together what the beneficiary donation projects would be. All in all, we divided the proud sum of 1,500 euros in equal parts and donated it to:

the Ronald McDonald House
the Children's Hospice Balthasar and the

Advent Calendar 2018

Every rooftop tent nomad who has given himself or his loved ones a chocolate advent calendar has donated 5 Euros to the SOS Children's Village Bremen. In addition, with 20 donated advent calendars, we have sweetened December for some kids in the children's village.

We rounded the donation amount collected by the sale of the advent calendars up to 250 Euros and sent it to the SOS Children's Village in Bremen.


We also support a non-profit organisation with the Roof Tent Nomad calendar. For every calendar that is sent to you (whether given away or sold), we have donated 5 Euros to the Munich Cold Bus.

We have produced 125 calendars. Of these, we have given away 40 to the photographers of the winning pictures or raffled them off in competitions. Most of the remaining 85 calendars we have already sold in our shop.

In total, we donated 125 x 5 Euros = 625 Euro to the Munich Cold Bus.

How we move on

We will continue to donate in 2019. Fundraisers are to become an integral part of the roof tent nomad movement. We want to share joy and do good. This does not have to be just in the form of donations. But it's a good start. Let's see what we're doing in 2019!

Mach mit!

We are always looking for projects that we can support on behalf of all rooftop tent nomads. So if you care about a project that we should definitely support at the next event, please write us.

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About Rebecca Roß

Rebecca ist Dachzeltnomadin der ersten Stunde. Sie organisiert gemeinsam mit Thilo das DACHZELT FESTIVAL und ist ebenso Ansprechpartner für alles bei den Dachzeltnomaden. Rebecca ist im September 2017 in ihr Dachzelt auf ihrem Suzuki Vitara gezogen. Sie liebt die Berge und den Schnee. Diese große Reise war alles andere als geplant, es ist einfach so passiert und fühlt sich seitdem gut an.