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Rooftop tent nomad donation projects 2019

We want to provide added value. Most of us have more than enough. Why not give up on a part and thus make a joy to people who need it?

We as Rooftop tent nomads want to think bigger, think ahead. And not in an egoistic sense. But in a community sense. We're many and we're all ticking similarly. Why not achieve more together with this energy?

Join in!
If you want, you can send us your donation at any time. We will increase the donation amount at the next event with your donation. Recipient: Rooftop Tent Nomad Account: IBAN DE611001 1001 2625 4041 11 Use: “Donation of charitable purpose”

In 2018, we were able to raise over 11,000 euros in donations and passed them on to charitable causes. This was a terrific success and a big step in the right direction. We want to continue this tradition in 2019.

We try to create added value with many of our products and at each of our events. The aim is to pass on the fun and joy we experience at our events and thus also to be able to bring joy to others.

We were already able to raise funds for the following projects in 2019:


We supported the following projects:

Der Wünschewagen (‘The Wish Car')

Fundraising: €970

The wish car fulfills a final wish for people who are in the last part of their lives. Whether to the sea, to a concert or to the baptism of the granddaughter, the wish car tries to make these wishes come true.

The wishes can be made not only by the passenger, but also by the relatives. The only condition: the recipient has to be transportable.

The wish car is specially adapted to the needs of its passengers. It is not a motorhome, but rather a better medical transporter. Accompanied by the sick are always two volunteers, whether carers, paramedics, from the fire brigade, nurse or palliative care professional, but at least one ambulance paramedic.

Website Wish Car

Heldencamper (Hero camper)

Fundraising: €970

Andrea Voß, herself diagnosed with cancer two times, had the idea for the hero camper, which she launched in 2018. The idea: young adult cancer patients should be able to borrow a bulli (the hero camper) for free for short trips, day trips or over a weekend.

Sufferers are mostly financially excluded from cultural and social life due to their long illness.

The aim is to offer them an easy and relaxing change to chemo, doctor's rooms and the hospital. The affected young adults should get the opportunity to experience beautiful moments on concert, musical, theater or comedy evenings during and after cancer.

The project is very well received. Meanwhile, not only is there one hero camper, but Andrea and her team are already working diligently on a small fleet of campers. All campers are bought from cash donations and expanded with donations in kind.

If you want to know more about The Hero Camper project, check out the interview with Thilo and Andrea for the CAMPER NOMADS PODCAST:

Website Project Hero Camper

Donate here for hero camper on

Clean Ocean Project

Fundraising: €970

Anyone who has ever consciously dealt with the topic of garbage in the ocean or helped with a beach cleaning knows how necessary it is to bring this topic much further into our consciousness. Cleaning is a start, but does not eliminate the cause of the dramatic pollution of our oceans.

Clean Ocean Project not only tries to clean up the ocean and beaches through cleaning actions, but also to minimize the cause of it and encourage people to rethink.

Coffee mug ToGo is just one example of a throwaway trend, 2.8 billion of which were thrown away in Germany and England alone in 2015. Coffee capsules are just as difficult to recycle as they are composed of many different substances.

To set an example against the trend, the project sells its own reusable coffee mugs. Ocean Clean members go into dialogue with retailers and stores to take plastic bags out of the range.

Another project of Clean Ocean is the “Seabin project” in Mallorca. An automatic garbage can filters plastic parts, detergents and oils out of the water and feeds them to a recycling process. This frees the water not only from objects, but also from chemistry and can be used in lakes, ports, yacht clubs and inland waterways.

Website Clean Ocean Project

Waldorfschool Trier

Fundraising: €970

In the Waldorf School of Trier, as well as in the adjoining kindergarten, young people are to be accompanied in their development, education and education from the beginning of life to the step into living independently. The Waldorf School/ Kindergarten is/are open to any child and family who wants to take advantage of the offer, to support it, regardless of religious, social or ethnic reasons.

The institutions are run in self-government, in free support by responsible parents, teachers and educators. As a recognised substitute school, however, only part of the personnel costs are borne by the land, which is why everything else, such as new buildings or the considerable renovation backlog, must be borne by the income of the parents.

The Waldorf School Trier does not own its own gym and is therefore forced to use communal gyms of other schools. Since the Waldorf School is not governmental, but under free ownership, it relies on the goodwill of the other schools, so the gym can only occupy at fringe times. So the kids always have to walk there and get back to school. Due to the lack of a hall the play gymnastics of the first classes takes place, in good weather in the schoolyard, in case of bad weather in the own classroom.

In performances of the children, parents can only attend the performances in the shift system, which means either the program must be performed several times in a row or parents can only participate partially in the celebration to see their own child and then make place for the next parents.

Website of the Waldorf School Trier

Are you taking along?

Do you feel like supporting charitable projects together with us? Then join in! You can either donate directly to the projects of your choice or contact us for a joint action. Just write us an email!

Be part of the next fundraiser live!

You can also be there at the next live fundraiser! With each ROOFTOP TENT CAMP and ROOFTOP TENT FESTIVAL we support one or more charitable projects! Are you coming along?

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